Total alkalinity in seawater (VINDTA 3S)

VINDTA 3S in the lab (VINDTA # 005)
3S packed for a cruise
VINDTA 3S in the lab (VINDTA # 005)3S packed for a cruise

The VINDTA (Versatile INstrument for the Determination of Titration Alkalinity) is a system for titration of a sample with acid and analysis of the titration curve to calculate alkalinity. From the first manual instruments in the early nineties of last century, the actual VINDTA 3S evolved. The system was developed to meet the requirements in precision (better 0.1%) for open ocean CO2 research. A full titration takes less than 20 minutes and requires about 250 ml sample volume (~ 150 ml minimum).

  • automated sample handling and titration
  • easily transportable and sea-going
  • precision typically ± 1 µmol/kg (open ocean water)
  • user friendly software interface using LabVIEWTM
  • results calculated with GRAN plot and/or non linear curve fit
  • manual operation and BASIC- software as option
  • optional control PC (Shuttle-PC) tested with the hardware and with all software and drivers installed

LabVIEW™ is a trade mark of National Instruments Inc.

Additional hardware required or recommended:
METROHM Titrino (719SET or similar) with stirrer 728 and 5 mL burette unit
Metrohm reference electrode # 60729.100
Thermo Orion ROSS electrode #8101BN
Circulation bath for temperature control (20 or 25ºC) of the system equilibration of sample bottles